Alan Wake and Quantum Break, “missed opportunities”

The gameplay of Alan Wake and Quantum Break wasted the wealth of their universes

Quantum Break has become one of the great forgotten of 2016, in spite of the high expectations placed in the title of Remedy that had from Microsoft, for whose ecosystem (PC and Xbox One) it was one of the main exclusives of the year . And although the reviews have not ended up being bad, sales, hosting and even the reviews themselves have been far from expected. In an interview with Polygon, Tomas Puha’s head of communications and director Mikael Kasurien talked about the latest work on the studio, its problems and the future.

Among the highlights, is one reason why they believe that both games have not finished quitting. “One way to tell a story is to create a very rich universe, a world that you can explore. When we look back at Alan Wake and Quantum Break, we see that we spend a lot of time creating those worlds, cities and towns, and their In a way, it may be a missed opportunity. We want to continue to create those solid universes, but the games we believe should go in the direction of allowing that exploration. “The gameplay is a linear journey through those incredible and complicated worlds.

Concerning the future, the interview has aroused many questions, one of the most striking being the one made on Twitter by a user, who, considering the precedents of both titles, asked if we would not see anything else of the study in the present generation, That Tomas Puha was sharp “We won’t take 5 years on the next games.”

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