Doomfist arrives in Overwatch next week

Blizzard Entertainment announces the arrival of Doomfist for July 27

The wait is over to know when we can welcome the new Overwatch hero. Blizzard Entertainment has just confirmed that Doomfist will become a gap between all the playable characters of the title from July 27. Players of the acclaimed American PS4 shooter, Xbox One and PC will be able to access this charismatic hero, who will be quite different from what we were accustomed to with other cast members.

In total, we are talking about a total of 25 heroes available at no cost overwatch, and Doomfist is the explanation of a rather interesting mystery around the title lore, a story that had generated much speculation in the community. Yesterday we learned that the game prepares changes in the system of penalties. The goal of Blizzard is to punish severely those users who cheat.

According to Jeff Kaplan, they are really worried about maintaining normality in the title, that the health of the online games is total. It is expected that the arrival of Doomfist make them more aware of the normal to avoid goofy in a user base that does not stop growing. At the beginning of the story you can see the advance substituting the Castilian of the hero.



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