GTA Online details its new summer bonuses

Rockstar details GTA Online news

As usual, Rockstar has updated its official blog detailing the news that arrives immediately to GTA Online. The multiplayer mode of the famous Grand Theft Auto V receives new bonuses and rewards to finish this month of July with much activity.

The return of the Karin Technical is emphasized, being more lethal than never according to the cited improvements. “The Karin Technical with its turret (initially presented with the blows, but also known as your favorite lethal van from the initial Financing paletos) has returned from among the most sordid places and is now more deadly and customizable than ever. Enhance Karin Technical in the Vehicle Workshop module of your Mobile Operations Center to reinforce your armor and access lots of new modifications. ”

Also, there will be an increase in manufacturing in arms trafficking with 25%, which will bring us more benefits in less time. In addition, Extra Time: dispute will be available until July 24, and may receive an Ammu-Nation Black sweatshirt if we complete the sales mission from a bunker.

Discounts on vehicles and armor

25% discounts on:

Phantom Wedge (both standard price and SecuroServ price)

  • Annihilator
  • Buzzard
    Vehicle Shielding
  • Bullet-proof tires
  • Premium racing and time trial calendar

From the 18th to the 24th of July

  • Premium race: Towards the dam (fixed for the Aqua Blazer).
  • Time Trial: Sawmill.

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