Microsoft: “2017 is the year of Scorpio”

Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio will face each other in 2017

Although technically not his tradition, we are sure that it was between bit and bit when the main faces of Microsoft Xbox division started publishing their New Year best wishes. A cluster of messages in their social networks in which all were exultant, convinced that 2017 will be “the year of Scorpio.” A declaration of intentions just a few days from the official presentation of the next Nintendo console: Nintendo Switch.

Aaron Greenberg (head of marketing for Xbox Games), Josh Stein (community manager of Microsoft Studios) and our always beloved Phil Spencer, in charge of the team, were some of the people in charge of celebrating the arrival of 2017 remembering the great project that was brought in hands.

Undoubtedly, Greenberg has been the one who has had the least hesitation in removing the chest and calling the next console of the company “the beast”, following intact the intention of the team to gain technical hegemony on consoles. And while Stein asked us if we were excited, Phil Spencer has been the most cautious and demure.

True to its style, postponing the hype will surely have done nothing but shoot it among the fans of the console. It is only taking its first steps, but 2017 seems a year loaded with news … in which it would be better for us to fasten our belt.

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