New Nintendo Switch Data Filtered Before Its Presentation


The journalist who leaked dozens of data about Nintendo Switch before it was announced, Laura Kate Dale, has participated in a question and answer session in which she has contributed more information from her internal sources about nintendo’s hybrid. A few days to officially know everything about the console, these are the news that has been shared in Reddit.

In the first place, it refers to achievements. Nintendo was by now the only great company that did not have a native system of achievements in its video games, but it seems that now Switch will have something similar through My Nintendo, but it is not completely sure. What does seem likely is that it will be on March 17 when Nintendo Switch will go on sale in Japan and the United States.

Also, Kate Dale has confessed that the initial titles of the Virtual Console will leave much to be desired in terms of quantity, so it is intuited that Nintendo will continue with its current practice of updating each week the CV with new works coming from old systems of the company. It has not been able to confirm, however, if Nintendo Switch will be finally a console without regional protection (Region Free).

On the other hand, Nintendo would have on its list the announcement of a new intellectual property during the presentation in addition to two third party games: Rabbids & Mario and another. As for the new Mario 3D we saw in the October trailer, this would be ready to be played, practically finished. The journalist has also confirmed that we will see a trailer of just over a minute of Beyond Good & Evil 2; We will also keep in mind the improved versions of Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, which will have new content but will not be sequels.

Finally, performance: Nintendo Switch will be more powerful than it was assured in the last rumors, which are not completely updated. Finally, Dale concluded by saying that we will take some surprise yet to be revealed about the machine.

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