During the Oculus Rift conference prior to E3 2015, the final version of the Oculus VR was finally revealed. Among the various data announced from the virtual reality viewer, the most interesting thing is that Oculus Rift will have an alliance with Microsoft and its Xbox One console.

The final version of the Oculus VR will be accompanied by an Xbox One wireless controller. Phil Spencer, the corporate vice president of Xbox, explained that Xbox One games can be streamed direct to the Rift. At the beginning, users will be able to play titles like Halo, Sunset Overdrive and Forza with their Rift while controlling the games with the controller of the Xbox One.

But not just the Xbox One. According to Spencer, Rift will work natively with Windows 10 creating the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of Windows 10 for virtual reality. Although it seems strange to us that Microsoft has created an alliance with Oculus – since the company is developing its own virtual reality glasses – it seems to us that the Redmond ones seek to gain ground in the field of virtual reality and they will do it allying itself with its competitor more Strong, which at this time is Oculus Rift.

It has also been confirmed that the device will have two OLED screens for each eye, an adjustment system and a tracking system to detect the movement of the body. Oculus also showed Oculus Touch, two wireless controls with six degrees of freedom of movement and tracking.

Oculus Rift will make its big debut during the first quarter of 2016, although the company did not give an exact date nor did it reveal a final price.

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