Petition Filed For Ubisoft To Change Or Cancel Far Cry 5

The association “Gamers United” says that Far Cry 5 “is an insult to the fan base”

The organization “Gamers United” has sent a request to Ubisoft through the platform demanding that Far Cry 5 be changed or canceled because it is “an insult to the fan base” of the game, “Americans who constitute the Most of your consumers, “they say in the post.

They complain that villains are white people of Christian religion and say that “American players have had to face a lot of shit in recent years. Harassment through the generalist press through the Gamergate […] , The complete censorship of art through policies of ‘localization’, the continued opposition of couples when they realize our hobby … ”

The request seems a satire, an irony parodying the movement of the Gamergate, more than a serious request, although neither can be affirmed if it is false; Is the first post of Gamers United on and already have, at the time of writing this article, 532 signatures of the 1000 they ask.

They ask that the enemies of Far Cry 5 be changed by other “less offensive” and “more realistic”, and mention the “increase of Islam in America” ​​and “black and Mexican” people. They also ask that they change the location of the game “in some markets”: “I understand that anti-Americanism has attention in France, and I am not saying that you reject potential benefits because of the complaints.You do not want to be considered as one of those hypocritical feminists, But for America, right now, anti-Americanism is over … It changes America’s scenario to Canada. ”

Ultimately, the organization Gamers United (who after reading the petition on several occasions still do not know if it is an irony or a real complaint) calls for various racist and xenophobic changes to Ubisoft to “help them make more money” as their audience Main, they say, is the American.

Far Cry 5 was announced at the end of last week with a new trailer and a release date: on February 27 will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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