Rumors about Call of Duty in Vietnam skyrocket

That Call of Duty will make aside this year the modern and futuristic wars to return to opt for historical conflicts seems a secret to voices. The success of Battlefield 1, the first brave to dare to go back in time, and the wear and tear produced by the environmental similarities of the Black Ops and Warfare (Infinite / Advanced) subsections, are the main responsible for a change that, According to the rumors, will take us in the annual delivery of 2017 to the Vietnam War.

Michael Condrey, a member of Sledgehammer Games, congratulated his followers on Twitter with the following Christmas, which features a M1911 semiautomatic pistol, a model used by the US military between 1911 and 1985.

The wink has not gone unnoticed to the community of Call of Duty, which interprets it as a new clue of the expected change of direction of the saga. The next chapter, scheduled as always for the end of the year, will give Treyarch and Infinity Ward a break, and if the leaks were confirmed, he would pick up the localization work done by the team in his day for Call of Duty: Fog of War , Title that would never see the light due to the problems in the development of Modern Warfare 3 and the necessity that Sledgehammer aided in him. We will leave doubts in a matter of months.

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