Sega Forever expands the mythical Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis, the recreational classic and Dreamcast, free on smartphones

SEGA Forever, the initiative of the Japanese company to launch their classic games on mobile devices for free and re-popularize their sagas, incorporates a new title in its catalog from today: Virtua Tennis.

The mythical tennis arcade was launched in recreation back in 1999 and was released on Dreamcast a year later. It is in this latest version that is based on this Virtua Tennis Challenge, which has 18 stadiums, all players seen in the other versions and the same gameplay but on the touch screens.

The title cost 4.99 euros so far in the App Store of iOS devices and Android Play Store and, although it is now free, in exchange will have advertising. This advertising can be eliminated after payment of 1.99 euros.

SEGA promises that even more classics coming out of their development studies will arrive at SEGA Forever, where they are Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon and Altered Beast.

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