Square Enix considers the commercial success of Dragon Quest in the West

In the latest issue of the British magazine Edge have interviewed Yu Miyake, executive producer of Square Enix Dragon Quest series, who has reflected on the reasons why the saga has not been so successful in Western markets as Final Fantasy, Even admitting that it is something about what they have reflected internally in the company.

Miyake points out that the nostalgic factor is a big difference between the western markets and Japan, remembering that the Dragon Quest series debuted in Japan in Famicom (NES in the West). For Miyake, more effort had to be made in those years to locate and publish the Dragon Quest series in western territories, although he admits that perhaps his graphic style (designed by Akira Toriyama following his usual style of drawing) may Be perceived as too childish from a superficial point of view in Western markets.

However, Miyake believes it is positive that “the average age of the players is rising,” which increases interest in broad lines for titles such as those in this saga. In addition, Miyake has emphasized that Square Enix has been “preparing the ground for Dragon Quest XI” with the spin-offs of the main saga that has especially published in recent years.

With regard to the goal of increasing the popularity of the saga in the West, Mikaye states that “we keep trying! It’s a question we’ve been thinking internally: the question of why Final Fantasy is much more popular than Dragon Quest In the West, a conclusion is that it is a historical question.When Famicom was launched, Dragon Quest was the key game that everyone played .When PlayStation was released, Final Fantasy VII was the game that everyone played. Nostalgia is different in every collective: in Japan it is based on Dragon Quest and in the West it is Final Fantasy. ”

“The truth is that if we had put more effort into locating Dragon Quest at the time, we probably would not have this problem today. Maybe I should not say this, but we screwed up in that regard,” he admits.

For the producer, Square Enix did “put a lot of effort into Dragon Quest VIII.” He put a lot of effort into making it attractive outside of Japan, “though” without betraying the essence of the saga. Approached the level of sales of Final Fantasy “.

The next game of the numbered saga, Dragon Quest XI, will arrive this year to Japan with versions for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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