Super Nintendo World Official Trailer

Super Nintendo World presents a teaser trailer

Nintendo is very serious about its project at Universal Studios Japan for the construction of its own theme park based on the world of plumber, Super Nintendo World. During these last hours has taken place in the facilities of the Japanese venue or act of presentation in which well-known characters like Shigeru Miyamoto have stepped on stage to officially present this amusement park, which is scheduled to launch before the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

In addition to the act of presentation, which has seen an image from Famitsu, we also have the teaser trailer as a presentation by Universal Studios, a small kinematic fragment in which Super Mario shows us what the park will be like. It also confirms an attraction of Mario Kart, perhaps the most demanded of the entire area of ​​attractions that will feature Super Nintendo World.

In addition, there will be commercial areas with all types of merchandising and official products, while those who prefer to spend the day there will also be able to eat in a restaurant area designed for the occasion.

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