The Nintendo Switch Online app is now available

The launch of Splatoon 2 will not only provide a vital injection of the Nintendo Switch, but also serve to give birth to the official Nintendo Switch Online app, which from next Friday will begin to operate with all the features announced below we will review. However, from the moment we write these lines can now be accessed via iOS and Android to Nintendo Switch Online.

Download via Google Play

Download via the App Store

* To emphasize that to be able to use the App will be necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later; In Android the minimum version is Android 4.4.

The first thing to know is that this app is born with the intention not only to complement the game experience of the titles of the current hybrid platform of the company but to establish direct contact with them, for example with Splatoon 2 we can use the service SplatNet 2 to start private matches with Voice Chat, contact them via social networks or access extra information of some titles. Returning to the example of Splatoon 2, we know that we can also access the commercial gallery of Cromopolis for example buy new items from the Jairo armory or consult our equipment.

Here we leave you with the official features shown by Nintendo regarding Nintendo Switch Online, fully functional from Friday July 21, but now available for download.

“In SplatNet 2 you can check out all kinds of vital combat data, including detailed levels, rankings, statistics and more! You can also check the percentage of victories you’ve achieved and see how much territory you’ve inked in combat. ”

Invite your friends through social networks

You can invite your friends to play compatible games through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, you can also invite your Nintendo Switch friends!

Use voice chat while playing

Depending on the game you are using, you can communicate by voice chat in different ways. Talk to everyone in the room or just the members of your team if you want to focus on the most competitive aspect!

* To use these services, Nintendo Switch programs that support this application are required. Currently, the only program compatible with the application is Splatoon 2.

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