They estimate that Destiny 2 will sell 5 million copies in three months

Destiny 2 will be a success in sales, according to SuperData

The latest report released by analyst SuperData regarding the new project of Bungie, Destiny 2, leaves on the table some data that if fulfilled would be extremely positive for Activision. According to the graph, Destiny 2 will sell between 4 and 5 million units if we add the PC version next to the consoles … in only three months. Of that total, 3 million units would correspond with the compatible version.

The sequel to the first title of the new IP of Bungie will go on sale on September 6 on Xbox One and PS4, while on PC will do the same on October 24 through For the production of this sales estimation chart, SuperData has been based on the commercial performance of Triple A games of the past, counting a total of more than half thousand games from all platforms to be as precise as possible in their data.

For more information about Destiny 2, here we leave you with our advance in which we tell you everything we know of the title so far after having tried it in Los Angeles.

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