This is Mario Kart in virtual reality

Mario Kart Arcade VR GP shows its shells and bananas in a trailer

Following the announcement in mid-June that Bandai Namco was working on a virtual reality version of Mario Kart, we now have a trailer where we can see in more detail the game’s playability.

In Mario Kart Arcade VR GP players will control the go-kart in first person and throw the bananas and shells with their own hands while they see how a piranha plant does not eat them by the hair like never seen before.

The video has been shown at the VR Zone expo in Shinjuku, Japan, where other trailers have also been seen as an Evangelion VR experience.

At the moment, it is only known that will be played with HTC Live, but nothing about its release date or whether it will reach the West in any way.

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