Top 10 games released in 2016

The end of the year came, and many things happened through the consoles, PCs and gamers during these twelve months. Based on the dozens of games that have gone through the writing in 2016, we have prepared this list with the best titles that the year had to offer.

Many good games end up being left out of this list, so do not stop commenting and point out which games you would like to be in this top ten. Without further ado, take a look at the top 10 games of the year, according to the editorial.

10 – Battlefield 1

The return of Dice and EA to the first person war games is a rescue of good single player campaigns. Electrifying and exciting in equal measures, the BF1 campaign is short, but it is the player I who is to enjoy their varied missions set in the First World War. In multiplayer mode then, the franchise continues better than ever, supporting heated battles for up to 64 players. With so many good points and its traditionalism calibrated to perfection, Battlefield 1 is not the best FPS of 2016, but it sure enters the Top Ten.

9 – Firewatch

Firewatch is not a game for everyone – it is basically a walk simulator, in which the player controls a character in the first person, interacts with the objects and slowly unfolds the plot. However, for those who open their heads for an unusual game and let yourself be carried away by their fantastic story, simple graphics but charming and endearing characters, Firewatch is one of the most unforgettable experiences of the year. It’s cheap and short, about four hours long.

8 – TitanFall 2


The first Titanfall, exclusive to Xbox One, was a fabulous promise game, but lost in the midst of its enormous ambition. But it returned with everything to the franchise in the year 2016, ready to make things right this time. And oh boy! how it worked: Titanfall 2 perfects the first title in every possible way, delivering a great single player campaign, something that the original game did not have. However, it is in multiplayer, the Respawn game shows its brightness. With fast, innovative and absolutely brilliant gameplay (it’s impossible not to vibrate when invoking your Titan in the midst of a battle), Titanfall 2 thrilled with this year’s few multiplayer games.

7 – The Last Guardian

Yes, it has gameplay problems, with erratic cameras and a somewhat strange movement of its main character. But when it comes to such a charming game, so unique and capable of bringing the player to tears, it really matters. Closing a mythical trilogy next to Ico and Shadow of The Colossus, the new game of Fumito Ueda definitively shows that art and video games go hand in hand, arousing the deepest reactions in the public. Absolutely magical, The Last Guardian is a title that will be remembered for a long time.

6 – Forza Horizon 3

Now let’s talk about pure fun. Forza continues its track of domination in the racing games with the third chapter of the Horizon franchise. Set in Australia, with a whole bunch of events and a gigantic map, FH3 is the perfect game to invite friends, who are connoisseurs or not of racing games. Never has a game been so comfortable for the casual player, at the same time it can be difficult for the more experienced. Precious graphics, fast cars of all kinds, exceptional multiplayer as well as an exciting soundtrack: in Forza Horizon 3, it’s just speed up and have fun.

5 – Final Fantasy XV

The long wait has come to worry, since expectations can be a drug. However, for the joy of fans, the franchise returned with everything, in a revolutionary and traditional game in equal measures. With a renewed combat system, gigantic bosses and a high but not unfair challenge, FFXV brings the best game in the saga since probably Final Fantasy X. And ah, I talked about the story? IT IS PHENOMENAL! A pleasure for fans of the series and also a completely new game to convert the uninitiated, Final Fantasy XV is the right game at the right time.

4- Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

One of the biggest hits of the year is, without a doubt, one of the best games. The fourth – and possibly the last chapter of the saga of adventurer Nathan Drake delivers not only the best graphics ever presented on a console, but also got something that many believed would not be possible: it has the best story of the franchise. Taking advantage of the storyline resources learned in The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has created a catchy and very exciting plot to make Drake’s farewell. The game oozes personality with Drake, assistants and villains, although this affects the action of the game in some moments. Uncharted 4 is not the best of the series – honor goes for the second game, but it is one of the best of 2016, without a shadow of a doubt.

3 – Inside

This is the indie title of 2016 – and a stunning example of how to tell a good story with only graphics, sounds and gameplay, in which the Playdead perfectly raised everything he had done in his previous game Limbo. It is an almost primitive game in his proposal (it is basically a lateral displacement), but that manages to awaken the most incredible sensations in the player – fear, discomfort, surprise, pure horror, gratification. Like a good book or, Inside is one of those games that you want all your friends to play to later discuss it. Few games that awaken this type of reaction.

2 – Overwatch

Blizzard has succeeded. Its first foray into the genre of first person shooters is that it mixes all the personality the producer has put into it’s known franchises (WoW, Starcraft), with a more multiplayer game than very multiplayer FPS out there. Cozy and accessible for beginners in the same way that it hides deep mechanics for the more “addicted”, Overwatch has brought a new era for online FPS. And above all, the story of the characters, wonderful animations and constant updates with new characters, scenarios and events. Overwatch can be much more than a game: it is almost a living organism. Memorable.

1 – Doom

Overwatch could very well have taken the first place in this ranking, but the honor goes to Doom. The reason is simple: the reinvention of id Software for the historic franchise is the game between games this year. No other title has managed to summarize in such a basic way, which makes the games are loved by all. The story is minimal, the gameplay is basic, the music is constant and does not forgive. In a generation where many games appeal to complex dynamics or intricate stories to innovate, Doom updates a golden age of games, where only advancing and destroying enemies was enough to spend hours and hours having fun. Doom is the videogame in its most essential form, elevated to the tenth power – and that is why it is the best game of 2016.

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