We will not be able to replace the Nintendo Switch Battery

Several documents found in the US Federal Communications Commission about Nintendo Switch, the next console of the Japanese company that we can acquire from next March, have unveiled new technical data of the machine related to their connections and some components of the Tablet device. One of the facts that is giving more to talk about is that Switch will have a battery that we can’t replace.

The documents show that Nintendo Switch will have a non-removable battery, a practice very common in almost all current market tablets, smartphones and other portable terminals. The problem of having non-removable batteries is their replacement, either because it does not work properly or because we want to use a higher amperage.

But this is not all; It is also confirmed that Switch will use 5Ghz Wifi antennas, which are much faster than the already obsolete 2.4 Ghz, which would guarantee high speeds when downloading content. The standard will still be 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the Bluetooth connection will be the most modern to date, Bluetooth 4.0. Finally, it is possible to say that according to the documents Nintendo Switch will not have 3G or 4G connectivity, only Wifi.

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