Yoshi on Nintendo Switch

During E3 we could see Yoshi’s new game for 2018. A mixture of well-known ideas and new perspective.

One of the highlights of the set presented by Nintendo has our beloved Yoshi as the protagonist. Platforms from several interactive planes, a Carboard world that invites to “touch” everything and a good handful of new ideas are based, yes, in a fundamentally conservative structure. What will Yoshi’s new adventure bring us?

There will be new Yoshi for Switch in 2018, its look reveals a fun and very precious playable development, and its principles seem inspired by titles like Wolly’s World, Paper Mario and Yoshi’s Island. Base continuista, development powered by new levels of playable depth and a world of cardboard and paper: success seems to be assured.

The franchise starring the beloved dinosaur, whose first appearance dates back to 1990 in Super Mario World, has managed to forge a niche within the most beloved sagas of Nintendo. True, it is not comparable to series like The Legend of Zelda, has not made a revolutionary leap to be rubbing elbow with the playful and graphic complexity of a Super Mario Oddyssey, nor does it pretend to compete with Donkey Kong Country and his last productions signed by Retro Studios. But one aspect, and this is really important, if it meets to perfection: the Yoshi franchise has personality.

From the world created from hand-sewn woolen elements that we could experience at Wooly’s World, we went on this occasion to an interactive space of multilateral advance (we will explain that later) that reminds us of the art of Papercraft. The scenarios, set as is customary in a number of different locations, appear from a scrolling book where the illustrations rise in all directions.

Yoshi for Switch is colorful, beautiful artistic direction and stage lighting almost equivalent to that of an animated Stop-Motion short film (thanks to the well-known Unreal Engine). The addition of graphic effects such as blur due to reduced depth of field, textures of all kinds (combining cardboard, watercolor paper, cardboard or papier maché (to name a few), and deformable structures (which remind us of titles Like the fantastic Tearaway of Media Molecule) complete a proposal that enters the eyes to later, take control of our hands through Switch controls.

The main motto of the new Nintendo video game is clear: platforms have two faces, or rather, multiple faces. And is that the lateral advance of the saga is projected in this case towards the bottom of the stage, in the form of one or several parallel paths that can alternate with the main.

In this way, we will enter a level, accumulate the classic eggs of the saga from zamparnos to every living creature that crosses our path, while collecting coins, flowers and all kinds of collectibles. But this time, we can walk small roads perpendicular to the main, reach a small cardboard house full of coins or, better still, we can throw eggs in depth to knock down all kinds of decorative elements (small two-dimensional paper houses, plants that hide some Secret hidden, etc.) or mountaineers that will unveil us a new special flower. With this central premise, the possibilities seem innumerable.

The sight control is multi-directional, but tremendously intuitive. While we set our cursor in the general plane, if we cross the screen with the peephole the interactive objects will be highlighted by a small yellow outline. We can easily knock down all the elements of the background, even from the plane closest to the screen, if we have a good arsenal of eggs. From here unleashes a good number of possibilities, which, playing in cooperative, multiply the fun by means of an imaginative cast of mechanics. We can drag objects, help each other to reveal secret paths with another player, and jump over switches while our partner is locked in another game plane.

For now we have seen some snippets of the title variety: the triceratops helmet, the fight against a snake train, the phases of aquatic environment or the large number of coins, flowers and collectibles that hides the game. We hope to know soon enough aspects such as the new transformations, the number of worlds that will host the game and its innovations at the cooperative level. As we have mentioned, its charm is beyond doubt, its approach is to frame, and the accompaniment sonorous works wonderfully. Yoshi is back, hopefully we do not have to wait long to have it in our hands.

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